Bliss Puddle Body Work

A customized session designed to harmonize the mental and emotional bodies, and leave you puddled in bliss! Drawing from diverse modalities (including Thai Yoga Massage techniques), your session will compose of a series of opening postures, firm and fluid strokes, deep tissue release, restorative acupressure and soothing touch personalized to your needs.

Rates: 60 min = $75, 90 min = $100, 2 hours = $125


“Naima is a true artist in all she does and her ability to apply intuitive touch to release stresses, target points of tension and sooth the physical body is amazing. She is both strong and gentle and handles the body as if leading a well orchestrated dance. I felt supported the  entire time she was with me and fell into a deep state of relaxation. I sought her out because marathon training was making my muscles and fascia tight. She did a phenomenal job of ‘un-kinking’ me and aiding in my race performance the very next day. Her gift is the perfect present for my muscles and I recommend her services highly.” ~ Peta-Gaye

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