Naima offers compassionate, intuitive, healing touch, listening deeply to your body’s signals to relieve tension and open the energy meridians of your body. Energy blockages are released, boundaries dissolve and deep healing occurs in a space of presence and meditation.


Thai Yoga Massage: A unique and powerful healing art that has been an integral part of traditional Thai medicine and Buddhism for thousands of years, Thai massage blends elements of acupressure, supported stretching, deep-tissue release, reflexology, meditation, and energy healing practiced with Metta (loving kindness).

Bliss Puddle Body Work: a customized session designed to harmonize the mental and emotional bodies, and leave you puddled in bliss! Drawing from diverse modalities (including Thai Yoga Massage techniques), your session will compose of a series of opening postures, firm and fluid strokes, deep tissue release, restorative acupressure and soothing touch personalized to your needs.


Bliss Puddle Bodywork ~ 60 min = $75, 90 min = $100, 2 hours = $125
Thai Yoga Massage ~ 90 min = $120, 2 hours = $150, 3 hours = $200

To inquire about booking a session with Naima please blisspuddle@gmail.com or call 347 729 6762 to ask questions or schedule an appointment. Naima is available for home visits or you can book an appointment at her Brooklyn location, pictured here.


Naima Penniman is a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner (certified at the Baan Hom Samunphrai School under the Thai Ministry of Education), bodyworker, and energy healer, who channels her healing gifts from the infinite wellspring of love that guides her practice. She has developed a keen awareness and vivid communication between her hands and her heart, and the bodies and spirits of those with whom she shares. Naima has experience working with pregnant women, different genders, sizes, and abilities, and people with chronic illness in releasing stress and dissolving pain to allow for the free circulation of life force energy connecting body, soul, and source. Member of Harriet’s Apothecary, Naima’s healing practice is committed to supporting our communities in being fully alive in our bodies and imaginations, transmuting our traumas into our transformative gifts, and embodying the liberatory relationships that awaken the dream of the world we are intent on creating for ourselves and future generations.


“Without exaggeration, Naima is the most talented and attuned massage therapist I have ever experienced. With her strong hands, big connected heart, and immense compassion for the suffering of others – Naima has an almost magical way of finding the source of pain and resolving it. I have struggled for years with insomnia and Naima’s touch always ensures a good night of sleep. She also cured my plantar fasciitis and restored my ability to run. Naima is a beautiful healer and a beautiful soul.” ~ Leah

“Naima is a true artist in all she does and her ability to apply intuitive touch to release stresses, target points of tension and sooth the physical body is amazing. She is both strong and gentle and handles the body as if leading a well orchestrated dance. I felt supported the  entire time she was with me and fell into a deep state of relaxation. I sought her out because marathon training was making my muscles and fascia tight. She did a phenomenal job of ‘un-kinking’ me and aiding in my race performance the very next day. Her gift is the perfect present for my muscles and I recommend her services highly.” ~ Peta-Gaye

“The bodywork I received today from Naima was out of this world. Her amazing touch was filled with love and healing. Words do not even do my experience any type of justice. I will definitely be connecting with her again to experience her wonderful gifts and I recommend you do as well!” ~ Chante

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